"My oil and acrylic portraiture represents the resistance of white cis hetero patriarchy by highlighting the physical forms of Black marginalized genders (MaGes). My intention is to provide visibility to all genders within, and especially, beyond the binary.  My most recent works zero-in on the ways in which the foundational strength and robust softness of femininity emerge as a dynamic oppositional force against the erasure of trans, queer, fat, and disabled bodies. The message that my work delivers to fellow Black MaGes is clear-- that the mere act of waking up and daring to exist in this world, in our very skin, is an act of powerful and direct socio-political resistance.


Earth tones and soft pastels envelope many of the people in my paintings to represent diasporic Africans’ inherent ties to Mother Earth in all Her seasons. Pastels and foliage lend themselves to their close association with femininity as well as our societal tendency to “genderize” colors (i.e. pink for girls and blue for boys). My blending and/or muting of these colors with their complementary colors represents both a disinclination to accept these rigid concepts and a refusal to deny their existence.


One of the most important aspects of my work are the relaxed and recumbent poses held by the people portrayed. More often than not, depictions of Blackness include the contorted and pained faces of the sobbing and harmed, limbs contorted and restrained, flesh bruised and bloodied, and hardened expressions. My paintings of everyday, majestic black people calmly, happily and plainly existing resists this insidious erasure of our humanity."