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Graphic Recording

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Graphic Illustrations

Why graphic recording?  

The short answer is: Because accessibility is a basic and essential human right!

What is graphic recording? 

Graphic notes, or visual notes, are a way of providing organized, synthesized information in bite-sized chunks alongside engaging visual aids that help facilitate interest, memorization, and learning. Basically, they help summarize the big ideas from classroom lessons, virtual rallies, webinars, fundraisers, podcasts, staff meetings, seminars, etc., into manageable notes that people are more likely to remember.

Who is graphic recording for? 



If I've learned anything in my 10 years as an elementary & middle school teacher, it's that no two learners are exactly alike. The way that we receive and process information varies from person to person and is based on so many different factors including, but not limited to: age, culture, language, literacy, comprehension, disability, and learning styles. 


Simply put, graphic notes are a vital extension of equity, equality, accessibility and language justice. 


How can I get a graphic sketch artist for my next virtual event? 


All you have to do is contact me here


Please note that I am unable to provide live or real time notes(via screen share) or in-person note-taking at this time. 

Notes are delivered 24-48 hours following event.

Please be considerate and render payment promptly upon delivery of completed notes.

Note Samples
Non-notes Graphic Art
Brandon is better.png
Bell Hooks3 copy.png
Rona Destroyers White Background.jpg
JWall Therapy Faces (a).jpg
Hope copy.png
40th Anniversary BalloonsBox.png
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